Videos & Presentations

Tuning Out the Noise

Tuning Out the Noise takes viewers on a journey through the "lost decade," featuring the media’s amplified coverage of headline events and pointing to the positive outcome that a disciplined investor could have experienced in the recovery.

The Power of Markets

This video, from Dimensional, explains how security prices are set—and change—based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers. Armed with this information, investors can be more confident about the power of the financial markets.

Can You Predict a Good Time to Buy and Sell Stocks?

Can investors predict when to buy and sell securities? In this video, Jim Davis, PhD at Dimensional, runs more than 780 tests on data from 15 stock markets to test this theory.

Nobel Thinkers: Theory, Practice, and Implementation

A capstone to the Nobel Thinkers series from Dimensional, this short documentary compares the work and ideas of five recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics. A brief history of their theories and experiences culminates in a host of insights for today's investors.

Pursing a Better Investment Experience

This presentation features 10 decisions that can help investors target long-term wealth in the capital markets.