Our Philosophy

We believe investment decisions should be based on the science of capital markets and its application, not on guesswork or speculation.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is one hundred percent driven by the science of capital markets and the decades of academic research that provide the foundation for its application. Markets are unpredictable in the short term, but capital markets work and create wealth over time. What is important is creating a life-time investment plan that will meet client needs and developing the discipline to stick with that plan. It is not important what the market does on any random day, month or year. To view the stock market any other way is to view markets as a casino, a purely speculative venture.

In Essence:

  • Capital Markets Work and Create Wealth
  • Diversification is Key in Portfolio Construction
  • Risk and Return are Inextricably Intertwined
  • Portfolio Structure Explains Performance
  • Investor Behavior Determines Performance

Our Philosophy of Advice

We don't forecast the economy; we make no attempt to time markets; and we cannot, nor can anyone else consistently predict future relative performance of specific investments based on past performance. We hold that our highest-value services are planning and behavioral counseling. That is to say helping our clients avoid overreacting to market events, both negative and positive.

Our essential core beliefs in pursuit of our clients' most important goals are fivefold.

  1. Wealth Management should be goal-focused and planning-driven
  2. Investment decisions should be based on the science of capital markets and its application.
  3. Your advisor should have the obligation to put your interest first and act out of fiduciary duty.
  4. Your advisor should always have the courage to tell you the truth, even when you don't especially wish to hear it.
  5. We believe these principles and practices are most families best chance to achieve and preserve wealth.