Reality Check: Real Risk in Retirement

For this month’s Reality Check, we wanted to discuss the topic which has recently highlighted in the financial media – inflation.

Here is what we don’t and can’t know:

  1. An acceleration in inflation is a distinct possibility as the economy continues roars back – particularly given another jolt of stimulus.
  2. We don’t know for sure that it will happen, when it may happen, nor the extent to which it may go on before the Fed steps in and acts to stabilize it.
  3. Nor can we be sure how (or even if) the equity market will react.

Here is what we do know:

  1. We know your goals and the plan designed to achieve your goals.
  2. We know that the true risk in investing is not loss of principle, rather it is the loss of purchasing power due to inflation.
  3. We know that the only way to eliminate this risk is through the utilization of equities.

Our approach has always been: first set goals, then make a plan, then fund an appropriate portfolio. If your long-term goals have not changed, then we always strongly recommend not changing your plan, which in turn leads us to recommend not tinkering with your long-term portfolio.

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